112 (Shark) Squadron
From 2nd November 1964 To 1st July 1975

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Contributions by Fred Heath, Stuart Baines, Mick Hughes, Nigel Westmancott and Mike Brennan

112 Squadron reformed with Bloodhound Mk II's at Woodhall Spa before being deployed to Episkopi* in Cyprus. 112 operated the Bloodhound MkII in Cyprus from October 1967 to July 1975.

* 112 Squadron was located at Parimali West but administered from Episkopi.

Contribution from Mike Brennan
RAF Episkopi, 112 Squadron, Bloodhound
 RAF Episkopi, 112 Squadron, Bloodhound
MB1   A Lightening from Akrotiri overflies 112.Mike states this was a shot taken
          for a newspaper.
MB2  The 112 'hill'.

A few more great photos from Nigel Westmancott (Read Nigel's reminiscences of life on 112)

112 Sqn Episkopi Bloodound
Sunset on 112 Sqn
112 Sqn Episkopi Bloodound
Springtime on 112 Sqn - Snow on Trudos
112 Sqn Episkopi Bloodound
On the shores of the Med - 112 Sqn

Return to Parimali West
May 2009 - Fred Heath and Doug Cooper visited the old 112 site at Paramali West, it's still in use and known as the Bloodhound site today. Currently it's run by the army as a rehabilitation centre for troops returning from the Middle East war zones - so they can let off steam before going back to civilization.

A few more names from Fred: Terry Dolby was at MS1 when he arrived at 112 in 1971, Terry handed over the T87 to Fred after a few weeks. Tom Vellacott was in in charge of MS3 T87 at that time, also handing over after a few weeks also but to whom Fred cannot recall. In Fred's story about his experiences with the Bloodhound system one of the characters was previously mentioned was 'Jock', I recall he was Jock Dempsey, usually to be found in the tea bar along with 'Paddy'!!

Contribution by Nigel Westmancott
Nigel (J/T airframes at the time) did his BH-MK2-A course at Newton in the summer of 1973, and was posted to 112 soon after, arriving on the Squadron November 1973 (A nice time to arrive really, we were in blue by then so I didn't stick out as a "moony", but to my mind it was wonderfully warm). Nigel stayed on 112 until it disbanded and 'packed up' in August 1975. After 112 Nigel was posted to West Raynham BHSU, then 85 Sqn until March 1978. Memory is a bit poor on names - can anyone else help? (Click for some of Nigel's reminiscing of life on 112).

112 Squadron Disbandment Parade (July 1975)

PR1: One of the practices sessions.

PR2: Outside the officers mess after the parade.

PR3: Another practice session!

PR4: The parade marching on

PR1: One of the practices sessions outside the squadron offices, supply flight is to the left.
PR2: Outside the officers mess after the parade, the officer I believe was a New Zealand exchange given the job as he was the tallest, the Sgt on his right lives not far from me in Fakenham as he bought a property here whilst serving at West Raynham.
PR3: Another practice session, Sqn Ldr Lefarr, not sure if thatís the correct spelling, with the injured Chief acting as the C in C. The building behind is the standby powerhouse with the MT yard behind that. I believe on one occasion the Sqn Ldr's mini was placed onto the flat roof and he desperately sought a side loader driver to retrieve it so that he could go home.

Packing up 112 Squadron (July/August 1975)

112 Sqn Bloodhound launchers
PR5: Moving the launchers to Episkopi.

PR6: Handling the cable reels

PR7: Waiting to move the missiles

PR8: On their way!
112 Sqn Type 87 Radar
PR9: Packing the radars
112 Sdn Packed Type 87 radar
PR10: Ready for the off!

PR11: It wasn't all work

Episkopi parade square was used as a store area until the equipment could be returned to the UK.
PR7: Two of our suppliers, Keith Casswell driving, Peter? With him.
PR8: On their way. The white haired gent in the picture was the W/O a real gentleman, one of the last to leave I believe.
PR11: Cricket. An away match versus Troodos on the Sunday before the Turkish invasion of the island. One of the suppliers, Peter?, is batting. (Click for further details on this match).

Contribution by Fred Heath
Fred Heath (Type 87) has provided a short history of 112 and a collection of his personal recollections. Please use the buttons above to view.

Fred's short resume of 112's 25 years of active service:
"In 1972 112 Squadron were on parade to mark 25 years continuous service and the presentation of the Squadron colours. The actual milestone of 25 years of continuous Squadron service was actually reached in 1969 (the parade was a little late!).  As 112 Squadron originally disbanded in the 1920's and was not reformed until 1939, and then disbanded again in the 1950's before reforming as a Bloodhound Squadron, is the reason why it took from 1917 to 1969 to get 25 years of active service. Fred was on the 1972 parade, he still has his specially 'made to order shirts'!"

Fred Heath 112 Squadron RAF Fred Heath in a 1971/72 publicity photo. Each member of 112 Squadron was asked to pose for a photo so that it could be sent to their local paper - as part of a publicity/recruiting campaign.

This photo was retrieved from the local Advertiser by Fred's mum!

The missile is the 'display model', complete with shark's teeth, as seen in Stuart's photo's below - but in white.

Contribution by Stuart Baines
The following photographs are courtesy of Stuart Baines who worked in the MOTE on 112 Squadron at RAF Episkopi. Stuart joined 112 in 1975 and also took part in the disbandment parade on 1st July 1975. 112 Squadron's colours were laid up in Ely Cathedral when the Squadron was finally disbanded in 1975.

112 Squadron Bloodhound Special 'cover' and Squadron history to celebrate the presentation of a new Squadron standard on 29th September 1972.  

Type 87 TIR Radar and Bloodhound Mk2
RAF Episkopi 1975

Bloodhound Mk2 pads
RAF Episkopi 1975

Missile Site (MS) 1 Type 87 Radar. MS2 and MS3 in the background
RAF Episkopi 1975

Missiles on launchers
RAF Episkopi 1975

Misslies on launchers
RAF Episkopi 1975

Stuart Baines - outside the MOTE
RAF Episkopi 1975

Missile handling crew
RAF Episkopi 1975

Stuart Baines
RAF Episkopi 1975

'Dead Park'. U/S and time expired awaiting re supply
RAF Episkopi 1975

Display Missile
RAF Episkopi 1975

Stuart sat on a 'spare round'
RAF Episkopi 1975

Side loader moving a launcher.
Nigel Westmancott driving and Sgt Al Paton with back to camera.
RAF Episkopi 1975

112 Squadron disbanding parade RAF Episkopi, July 1975
(Stuart is 4th from the rear)

112 Squadron disbanding parade RAF Episkopi, July 1975

112 Squadron mural in Station HQ
RAF Episkopi 1975

Contribution by Mick Hughes
Mick was too young to serve on 112 but here he is riding the Shark in Happy Valley, summer 1972. Probably at an open day or fete. There were a number of attractions so Mick imagines' it was a Joint Services event!

  112 Squadron Bloodhound Paramali Episkopi  

Mick's father was attached to HQRE NEARELF at Episkopi and he attended Episkopi Primary School at the time that the picture was taken. Also during this period I remember we had a school trip to Paramali to look around the Bloodhound site.

Note: This is a 'high vis' white missile. Please refer to Fred Heath's contribution.

Jim Rockett believes this photo was taken at the 'Standard Day' in Happy Valley.

  112 Squadron Bloodhound Paramali Episkopi  

The view from end of Cumberland Road, Biggin Hill looking towards Happy Valley. St Johns School to the left, Paramali in middle distance. If you study the Bondu closely you will see that this photograph was taken after the great Bondu fire of 72'.  I often remember gazing across to Paramali from our MQ on the edge of the Biggin Hill Estate to see the outline of the Bloodhounds silhouetted in the distance.