Bloodhound MKII - SAGW
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In service with the Royal Air Force, 1964 - 1st June 1991
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RAF Bloodhound MKII Squadrons and Support Units
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Bloodhound Firing Unit
25 Squadron 33 Squadron 41 Squadron 65 Squadron 85 Squadron 112 Squadron RAF Newton RAF West Raynham BFU Aberporth
This site relies on contributions from those who served on the Bloodhound MkII system.
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Bloodhound Missile Preservation Group

Why not join the BMPG and be part of a team actively
involved in Bloodhound preservation.
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Guest Book and Bloodhound Register

Did you serve on a Bloodhound MkI or MkII squadron or unit in the RAF? Were you involved with the Bloodhound system in any way? Then why not contribute to the creating of this historical record of the Bloodhound SAGW. Please fill in the gaps (and there are plenty of those), all contributions welcome. Use our email form to contribute.

Aim of this site:
► Record the history of the Bloodhound in service with the Royal Air Force
► Enable ex Bloodhound people to stay in touch
► Record the location of Bloodhound relics

Site created by Pete Harry (Bloodhound MKII, Type 86 Radar, 1973 - 79)
1st August 2007

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