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Bloodhound Firing Unit Aberporth

Bloodhound Mk I. Gate Guardian RAF Aberporth, 1974

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Bloodhound Firing Unit Aberporth

Bloodhound Firing Unit personnel 1968-69
(Can you identify anyone?)

Photograph kindly supplied by Terrence Davies.

Mike Ford
Mike is creating a comprehensive site on the BHFU and RAF Aberporth. Mike was a Chief Tech on the Bloodhound Firing Unit in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Visit Mike's site at:

Trial Chillingham - Contribution by Mick Shore

Mick played a key role in the Chillingham trials at Aberporth. Mick also has the distinction of seeing the Swiss breaking up the last Bloodhounds in 1998 at Emmen.

As part of the Trial Chillingham Mick had to work out the 'dish look' angle at end of boost to see how far off the optimum it actually was. The range radar print out gave the position of missile and target to
± 1 foot,  from this he was able to work out the angle required by the target position, LCP solution and actual angle set,  but also a lot more. Mick has launch data from four of the Chillingham ‘shots’ which will be published when cleared (you know what I mean).

One of the tests of Chillingham trial was the make up of the launch crew from operational Bloodhound units. By the mid 1980's Aberporth only had one Bloodhound permanent staff member so the crews were made up of personnel from various operational units and changed every two weeks. Much to Mick's surprise this worked extremely  well,  proving that training and routine was standard across the fleet.

Bloodhound Aberporth
Bloodhound Aberporth
Mick Shore's
launch team

One of the Trial Chillingham's launch teams in October 1986, Swiss engagement controllers on the right. The missile is one of the Swiss shots, probably 4878