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Bloodhound on prepared site



Bloodhound Misssile 'Bloodhound installed on a prepared site'
Source: British Aircraft Corporation - Guided weapons Division
This photograph was issued as a press photograph, date not known. Several numbers appear on the rear of the photograph: 86790, 86794, 87462, 88721, 88723.
British Aircraft Corporation
Bloodhound Misssile Contribution by Mike Brennan
Annotated as 'Bob's launch'

Best Bloodhound Photos Ever?
The first 'challenge' on this web site was to agree (or otherwise) that this was the best Bloodhound photo ever taken. .... but the origin of the photo may not be as first thought.

Believed to have been taken by an RAF Policeman at RAF Bruggen in the 1970's but now disputed by other contributors (all input on this and any other subject welcome):

From Neil Cartman:
Sorry to spoil somebody's illusion but the photograph, I think was taken by Cpl Ted Bayliss in the early 1980's. It is not at Bruggen but was Yellow 5 at Wildenrath. If you look you will see that it is on blast mats, Bruggen was all static, Wildenrath was one static and one mobile and Laarbruch was all mobile.

This image has also appeared on the cover of the RAF Museum's guide book (Cosford)! ed.

Mystery Location  
Original message received from Nigel Bean:
As an ex RAFP dog handler on visiting your site I think I can recognise the photo requiring an ID. Location looks very much like the site at Bruggen looking across towards the missile prep area and in the background the fields leading towards Elmpt and the AMQ's. Off camera to the right would have been the radar and bunkers, found memories. as anyone else recognised the area? (Nov 2007)

Looks like we need more confirmation on the 'mystery location', Ed.

Dave "Robbo" Robinson responded: 'I think it is Barkston Heath looking from a pad on "Falcon" section towards the EFA. You can just make out the EWS tank in front of the EFA unless they had the same set up at Bruggen'? (Feb 2008).

As more contribution's to confirm the ID were welcome Steve McMartin responded: 'Robbo is quite correct. The mystery location is Barkston Heath circa 1985 and shows one of Falcon sections missiles. Photo was one of many taken by WO Mick Shaw'.

Looks like a positive ID - Barkston Heath, thanks guys. Ed.


Source - British Aircraft Corporation. Firing trials, BHFU Aberporth. Courtesy of Dave Croft