Bloodhound Training  Unit
RAF Newton


Please contribute if you have any photographs or details regarding Bloodhound training, When did Bloodhound training commenced at RAF Newton and when it moved to RAF West Raynham?

If you served at RAF Newton you may like this book:
Last Post at Newton: the life of Royal Air Force Newton by Timothy O'Brien. ISBN 978-0-9555189-1-1. Visit this web site for details.

MOTE Training (1966/67)
Photos courtesy of Mike Rees, MOTE instructor, MTF RAF Newton



Photo 1. Boards from the guidance pack, on test, on the left . The big centre reading meters were used for most of the tests.

Missile Training Flight (1977/80)
Flt Lt ????? retiring and being 'towed out'. Maybe someone can add a name* or two. All the photos were taken between 1977 and 80. Photos courtesy of Richard Harcourt.
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* Photo No. 6: Pete Harry (web master) is second on the right

Missile Training Flight, MOAT, 4 Hangar
The photos were taken for a series on Sections and Units for the RAF Newton Station Magazine. Photos courtesy of Richard Harcourt.
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Missile Training Flight

Buildings and hangers at RAF Newton are still intact but somewhat dilapidated in places. Hangers and building are being let out for storage and offices, there's even a 'To Let' sign on SHQ! Recent pictures of the MTF hanger are included in 'Photo Tour in 2008' below.

Photos taken on 17th November 2009. Click the image for a full size photo.

RAF Newton Bloodhound RAF Newton Bloodhound RAF Newton Bloodhound RAF Newton Bloodhound
Main Gate and Guardroom Main Gate and SHQ MTF Hanger MTF Hanger and
School of Education*

* In a sorry state, building has been vandalised and there are not many windows left!

RAF Newton is mainly intact probably due to the fact that at one time it was designated as a holding centre for asylum seekers. Today several of the hangers and buildings are let out to commercial companies. The MTF hanger is certainly in use and has a recent coat of paint. RAF Newton also has a role in the dualling of the A46 which is running parallel to the original A46. The contractor is using the south part of RAF Newton and the original OMQ entrance is now access for the contractor.

Take a tour of RAF Newton
The web is a great resource! Please use the links below, video's and photos, mostly since the station closed. Search the web and YouTube for more.

Photo Tour in 2008 (


Video 1 Video 2