25 Squadron

25 Squadron

25 Squadron has a long history of continuous service from its formation on 25th September 1915 to date. It is one of the longest serving operational squadrons in the RAF.

After operating with the Gloster Javelin in the late 1950's and early 1960's. 25 Squadron reformed with the Bloodhound MK I on 1st November 1962 and remained a Bloodhound squadron for over 26 years. As the Bloodhound era came to an end with the end of the cold war, 25 Squadron reverted back to a flying squadron with the Tornado F3 on 2nd July 1989 at RAF Leeming. 25 Squadron disbanded on 4th April 2008.

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First MKII Squadron

Deployed to Germany
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Squadron Operations
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First Bloodhound MkII Squadron. (25 Squadron was originally a Mk I squadron.)

RAF North Coates

25 Squadron transferred from Bloodhound MkI to MkII in 1964 (was it on 1/10/1963) and remained at North Coates until 1 Jan 1971. It is believed that at North Coates 25 Squadron consisted of  three sections each of the Type 86 and Type 87 Radars with eight missiles (confirmation please). In 1970 25 Squadron combined its 3 T86 sections with the 3 T86 sections of 41 Squadron at RAF West Raynham to form six missile sections with T86 radars prior to moving to RAF Germany in 1970/71 (see 41 Squadron contribution by Graham Sandford Jones).
Commanding Officers Sqn Ldr D J Fowler: Oct '63 - Aug '64 Sqn Ldr M J Bridges: Aug '64 - Jul '65
  Sqn Ldr M R S Cunningham: Jul '65 - Oct '66 Wg Cdr G Middlebrook: Oct '66 - Feb '69
  Wg Cdr H D Costain Feb '69 - Mar '73 Hank Costain was C.O. when 25 deployed to Germany

Contribution from Mike Brennan
The photo is 25 Sqn at RAF Northcoats before it moved to Germany. Mike was posted to 112 Sqn, Cyprus in 1970 with others from 25 following on.


Deployed to RAF Germany
Three flights of two sections each with Type 86 Radar and eight missiles.

RAF Bruggen

1 Oct 1970* - 1 Mar 1983 A Flt + HQ. - Black and Purple Sections (Confirmed by Audrey Wilson)
RAF Wildenrath 1 Jan 1971 - 1 Mar 1983 B Flt. - Blue and Yellow Sections (Confirmed by George Buck)
RAF Laarbruch 1 Jan 1971 - 1 Mar 1983 C Flt - Green and Brown Sections. (Advance party arrives April 1970. Is the correct date Nov 1981 for the return to the UK?).
Commanding Officers Wg Cdr J Broughton Mar '73 - Apr '75 Wg Cdr G A Massey: Aug '75 - Jul '77
  Wg Cdr E Durham: May '77 - Dec '78 Wg Cdr J Ault: Dec '78 - Nov '81

* Correct date provided by Graham Sandford Jones

25's article from the Laarbruch station magazine - The Laarbruch Listener, February 1974

Photos of 25 Squadron in Germany

RAF Wildenrath Bloodhound
'B' Flt
RAF Wildenrath 1973
(Courtesy of George Buck)
RAF Laarbruch Bloodhound
'C' Flt
RAF Laarbruch 1975
(Courtesy of Pete Harry)

'A'  and HQ Flt
RAF Bruggen March 1975
(Courtesy of John Wilson
back row 7th from left)

'B' Flt
RAF Wildenrath 1975
(Courtesy of Terry Bright)

'B' Flt
RAF Wildenrath 1979?
(Courtesy of John Wombwell
25 Squadron Missile RAF Laarbruch
'C' Flt Missile
RAF Laarbruch 1975
Rick Hesselwood 25 squadron Ex 101 SquadronRick_Hesselwood
Engagement Controller 1975-78

The photo left shows a 101 Squadron Vulcan crew taken in 1973. The officer on the left of the picture is Flt Lt Rick Hesselwood. Rick joined 25 Sqn as an Engagement Controller in 1975


25 Squadron 'C' Flt, RAF Laarbruch Social Event

25 Squadron Operations in Germany
An article by Aubrey Wilson who  worked in Ops at Bruggen

25 at the Silver Jubilee Royal Review (1977) Photos courtesy of Roger Jones, 'C' Flt RAF Laarbruch

25 Squadron Queen's Silver Jubilee 25 Squadron Queen's Silver Jubilee 25 Squadron Queen's Silver Jubilee 25 Squadron Queen's Silver Jubilee 25 Squadron Queen's Silver Jubilee
(not Roger Jones - copy write not known)

Returned to the UK
Three flights of two sections each with Type 86 Radar and six missiles.
RAF Wyton 1 Mar 1983 - 2 July 1989  B Flt + HQ. Sections - Griffin and Kestrel
RAF Barkston Heath 1 Mar 1983 - 2 July 1989  A Flt. Sections - Osprey and Falcon
RAF Wattisham 25 April 1983 - 2 July 1989  C Flt. Sections - Eagle and Merlin
Note: C Flt at RAF Laarbruch became E Flt 85 Squadron at Wattisham Nov 1981 transferring back to 25 Squadron 25 April 1983.
Commanding Officers Wg Cdr A C Collins Nov '81 - Nov '84 Wg Cdr G C Smith: Nov '84 - Jul '87
  Wg Cdr J P Anderson: Jul '87 - Jul '89 July '89 - 25 Forms as a Tornado F3 Squadron