Radar Type 86



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Type 86 - Main Racks
Photos Courtesy of the Curator, Newark Air Museum.
Newark Air Museum had three T86's, one is complete and on display, one has no aerials mounted and is in sand colour. The third has been sent to the Norfolk and Suffolk Air Museum at Flixton where it sits next to their Mk1 missile. It is believed that two radars obtained by Newark were in use for trails and received non standard modifications. Is the joy stick on the console a later mod, certainly wasn't standard fit when I was on the T86 (Pete Harry).


Receiver Rack

Transmitter Rack


Type 86 Chillingham Firing Trials, BHFU Aberporth (Mick Shore)
The Type 86 used on the final Bloodhound firings at Aberporth had a couple of modifications:
  1. A solid state receiver
  2. The Crystal filter bank replaced by a computer

Comment by Mick: This modified T86 was quite a machine, rarely went off tune and was very stable. During the Chillingham trials we could do run a full run through before a firing. One day the Swiss reported the radar was not very good so I asked the radar guys to check it out, they reported that they could not find anything wrong. So I checked with the Jindivik people at LLanbedr ? They had not put the Lunerberg Lenses on the Jindivik so we were tracking a 1/2 square meter target on the ground 40 miles away, not bad. I believe Chillingham was the last Bloodhound trials September- November 1986.

Photo of the Chillingham team here.