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Date Added Item
18/05/2012 Photographs of the Ferranti buildings in Manchester - courtesy of Jim Reynolds
18/05/2012 Photographs of the Bloodhound section at RAFM Cosford - courtesy of Jim Reynolds
29/02/2012 E.C Names added to 25 Squadron B Flt RAF Wildenrath - courtesy of Dennis Buck
25/02/2012 Links created to Barry Dinnage's 17 JSTU page
25/02/2012 Photo of 17 JSTU (1966) - Courtesy of Patrick Lenaghan
11/02/2012 Book on RAF Newton. Last Post at Newton: the life of Royal Air Force Newton by Timothy O'Brien
26/01/2012 Photo of Missile at the Air Defence Museum - Courtesy of Geoff Morris
26/01/2012 Section names for 85 Squadron - Courtesy of Neil Cartman
26/01/2012 Description of the T86 on the last firing trials - Comments by Mick Shore
20/01/2012 Two photos of missiles at BFHU Aberporth - Dave Croft
19/01/2012 Swiss BL64 video included on Home page
16/01/2012 Menu from 8 JSTU Farewell Dinner - courtesy of Peter Cornall
16/01/2012 Photo of 17 JSTU added - courtesy of Brian Thomas
16/01/2012 New page added for 15/17 JSTU - Len Wood said there should be one and quite right he is
16/01/2012 Update and names on the 33 Sqn soccer photos - Courtesy of Len Wood
12/01/2012 Photos from the British Aero Museum, Kemble
09/01/2012 Update to Bloodhound Register - more to follow
08/01/2012 MK I missile in a Somerset scrap yard - courtesy of Neil Cartman
07/01/2012 Photo of 25 Sqn, RAF Wildenrath 1975 - courtesy of Terry Bright
07/01/2012 Photos of EC's control panel - British Aero Museum, Kemble
07/01/2012 Detailed images of MK II launcher - British Aero Museum, Kemble
07/01/2012 Thunderbird missile and launcher, Woomera museum - courtesy of Paul Lloyd
07/01/2012 T86 radar 'internal' photos by Pete Harry - courtesy of the curator, Newark Air Museum
07/01/2012 Photo of 85 Squadron Eng Conference - courtesy of Terry Bright
02/01/2012 Photos of the MOTE at RAF Newton - courtesy of Mike Rees
23/11/2011 Several photos of the Missile Training Flight, RAF Newton - courtesy of Richard Harcourt
23/11/2011 Two photos of 33 Squadron - courtesy of Richard Harcourt
20/11/2011 Missile and launcher at RAF Museum Cosford - courtesy of Paul Lloyd
07/11/2011 Mk I relics at RAAF Williamtown "Fighter World" Museum, - courtesy of Bruce Grayson
13/10/2011 It's been a while since the last update but a 'catch-up' will be carried out shortly
22/11/2009 Page on RAF Newton created.
14/10/2009 Photo's of Bloodhound (and Thunderbird) relics at Newark Air Museum
18/09/2009 Swiss Bloodhound training films on You Tube, see Links page
18/09/2009 Photo's from Mike Brennan, 25 Squadron, 112 Squadron and a Bloodhound launch
27/09/2009 Item in the Raynham News covering the retirement of Jim McInally at West Raynham
27/09/2009 Raynham News - Announcing the disbandment of 85 Squadron - courtesy of Jim McInally
05/07/2009 Three more great photo's of the missiles on 112 Sqn and more reminiscences - courtesy of Nigel Westmancott
17/06/2009 Additional; names to the 25 Sqn 'C' Flt photo (only four more needed) - courtesy of Jon Paling
08/07/2009 112's site at Paramali West today - courtesy of Fred Heath
07/06/2009 Photo's of packing up 112 Sqn for return to the UK. Additional reminiscing - courtesy of Nigel Westmancott
06/06/2009 Photo of 85 Sqn's display missile - courtesy of Noel Davey
06/06/2009 Photo's of 112 disbanding and some reminiscing - courtesy of Nigel Westmancott
24/05/2009 Link to web site - Derelict West Raynham added.
24/05/2009 Correction to date of MSF - RAF West Raynham photo - courtesy of Richard Vernon
26/04/2009 New 'Mystery Photo' puzzle on home page.
25/04/2009 Link to Bloodhound at RAF Wattisham
25/04/2009 Link to RAF Museum Cosford.
25/04/2009 New page created for 'Is this the Mystery Bloodhound Photos'?
25/04/2009 Corrections to names on the Laarbruch 'C' Flt social photo's courtesy of Jerry Wright
25/04/2009 Two more links to North Luffenham in Bloodhound Relics.
25/04/2009 News page added with first item on Bloodhound returning to RAF Laarbruch.
25/04/2009 Apologies for the break in updates. Normal service has resumed.
12/07/2008 Recollections of 41 Squadron RAF West Raynham and information on 25 Squadron. Courtesy of Graham Sandford Jones
06/07/2008 Additional names added to Wildenrath (25 Sqd 'B' Flt) photo of 1979
22/06/2008 Link to detailed photos of the Swiss Bloodhound site. Includes detailed photos of LCP and T87. Copyright of Karl Baer.
21/06/2008 Update to 25 'B' Flight photo - date change. Contribution by Tony Franklin
21/06/2008 Link to the excellent Swedish Bloodhound site. Lots of detail and photos. Contribution by Dag Malmstrm
21/06/2008 Additional names added to 'C' Flt Social and Group photos.  Contribution by Jerry Wright
19/06/2008 Trial Chillingham at Aberporth in 1986. Contribution by Mick Shore
18/06/2008 Cartoons by Cpl McLevey, 'C' Flt 25 Squadron. Contributed by Mick Shore
15/06/2008 A contribution by Mick Hughes who was a schoolboy during 112 Squadron's time at Parimali.
15/06/2008 'The best Bloodhound photo ever'. If you were the RAF Policeman who took this photo please get in touch.
15/06/2008 112 Squadron history and personal recollections from Fred Heath added.
20/04/2008 West Raynham Photo's and MSF in 1983. Courtesy of Terry Bright.
25/02/2008 Location of 'mystery photo' on 25 Squadron page ID'd by Dave "Robbo" Robinson. More confirmation needed though?
25/02/2008 Article by Aubrey Wilson on the role of 25 Squadron Ops, Bruggen (Germany)
24/02/2008 Photographs of Bloodhound relics at North Luffenham. Coutesy of Dave 'Robbo' Robinson.
22/11/2007 Set of photographs from 112 Squadron at Episkopi. Courtesy of John Baines.
18/11/2007 Engagement Controller's (E.C.'s) were often aircrew on a ground tour. Courtesy of John Wilson.
18/11/2007 Photo of 25 Squadron 'A' and HQ Flt, RAF Bruggen, March 1975. Courtesy of John Wilson.
18/11/2007 Location of 'mystery photo' on 25 Squadron page ID'd by Nigel Bean - or is it?
18/11/2007 More images from Duxford including Radar Type 86 and Low Loader.
18/11/2007 Two photo's of the 85 Squadron missile displayed at the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977.
30/09/2007 Photo of Bloodhound on display at the Queen's Silver Jubilee review added. Marked 'copy write not known'.
30/09/2007 Four photos from Duxford taken in October 1997 added to the 'Relics' page.
16/09/2007 Photos of Bloodhound missile - Cold war exhibition RAF Museum Cosford. Caption courtesy of Daz Coleman
19/08/2007 Press photo: British Aircraft Corporation - 'Bloodhound on a prepared site'.
18/08/2007 Photos of 25 Squadron 'C' Flt, Laarbruch social. Courtesy of Roger Jones
08/08/2007 Photo of 25 Squadron 'B' Flt, RAF Wildenrath 1981. Courtesy of John Wombwell
07/08/2007 Two more photos from Duxford added to the 'Relics' page.
06/08/2007 Commanding Officers of 25 Squadron added.
05/08/2007 Photo of 'B' Flt Personnel, RAF Wildenrath 1973
05/08/2007 Photo of 'C' Flt Personnel, RAF Laarbruch 1975
05/08/2007 A 'Cold War missile'. Help was needed with location, several responses received.
05/08/2007 Copy of 25 'C' Flt article from the Laarbruch Listener, February 1974.
02/08/2007 A link to the definitive web site on the BHFU Aberporth - Mike's of Cardigan
01/08/2007 Group Photo - BHU Aberporth staff 1968-69 (courtesy of Terrence Davies)
01/08/2007 Photo's of the Bloodhound exhibit at Duxford (June 26th, 2007)
01/08/2007 Update of detail on 25 Squadron page. Photo of missile at RAF Laarbruch
01/08/2007 Set of photos taken of 25 parading the Squadron Standard at the Silver Jubilee. Courtesy Roger Jones